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Press Release

CONNERSMITH. is pleased to introduce the work of Philip Hinge in CONTEXT / Art Miami. We will exhibit a new series of acrylic canvases by this rising new talent in a one-artist presentation.

Raw sensory appeal and disarming humor characterize Hinge’s paintings. Their rich textures, powerful forms, and vibrant colors evoke the artistic prowess of Philip Guston, Carroll Dunham, and Richard Diebenkorn. In his pictures, Hinge queries the art historical categories of portraiture, still life and history painting. The artist wittily blurs the distinction between superficiality and sophistication by punctuating his artistic appropriations with imagery from B-movies, comic books, and science fiction.


CONNERSMITH. is also exhibiting at Art Miami: ABSTRACTION 1958/2013: LEO VILLAREAL and HOWARD MEHRING - Booth B21.


Additional images and information: 202 588 8750 /