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Selected Works

Maria Friberg  almost there #2, 2000

Maria Friberg

almost there #2, 2000

cibachrome mounted to glass with aluminum

45 x 60 inches



Selected Works

NORMAN BLUHM  Orphée  1958, oil on linen, 85 × 73 inches.



1958, oil on linen, 85 × 73 inches. 

The Collection of Vincent Melzac

Press Release

January 9, 2017


CONNERSMITH. at Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary
January 12 - 15, 2017

Booth 440



CONNERSMITH is pleased to present outstanding abstract paintings by post-war artists NORMAN BLUHM, THOMAS DOWNING, and HOWARD MEHRING curated from The Collection of Vincent Melzac, which recently have been released from the collector’s private residence and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Museum / Headquarters. CONNERSMITH. has represented the Melzac Collection since 2002.


We are also delighted to exhibit recent work by LEO VILLAREAL.