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Nick Ervinck - GNI-RI_DC2024 - Exhibitions - CONNERSMITH.


CONNERSMITH is pleased to present an exhibition of sculpture by internationally renowned Belgian artist Nick Ervinck. GNI-RI_DC2024 demonstrates Ervinck’s signature blend of classical craftsmanship with computational design. These elegant sculptures embody the artist’s view of life as a dialogue between different worlds, blending art and science, the physical and the virtual, art history and popular sci-fi culture.

As Ervinck emerged from a new generation working with computer software, 3D printing, and milling, he distinguished his practice by exploring formal properties of masks, cyborgs and genetics of humans, plants, and animals. He explains, “My desire to reinvent and challenge myself takes me on my own path. Working with passion, moving between the digital and the physical studio, with constant interaction between play and control in the creative process, has shaped my art.”


Nick Ervinck - GNI-RI_DC2024 - Exhibitions - CONNERSMITH.

installation: FINUDIM, REDNEYER

Ervinck’s fascination with organic forms, and open spaces inside them, aligns him with Barbara Hepworth, Tony Cragg, Anish Kapoor and Zaha Hadid. He found early inspiration in rocks eroded by water in Shanghai’s Yuyuan Garden, whimsical structures that reminded him of negative spaces in Henry Moore’s sculptures. Whereas Moore liberated form from physical matter by carving to subtract material, Ervinck produces form from a generative principle using a digital design process. “Computational design,” he asserts, “provides a contemporary language with which to compose forms that were previously unthinkable, continually pushing the limits between the physical and virtual space by merging architectural design with sculpture.”