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Press Release


New Work


March 17 – April 17, 2001


Conner Contemporary Art is pleased to introduce the exceptional work of Edward McHugh in his first solo exhibition in Washington, DC.  The gallery will showcase mixed media works on both canvas and paper which exhibit the full range of processes mastered by this talented young artist.    


McHugh, a Philadelphia based artist will present a cohesive body of original work which represents the continuation and evolution of his style over the past few years.   Working in a variety of mediums, McHugh reveals his interests in exploration and the challenges of experimentation in painting.   


McHugh’s work can be described as pure abstractions with a minimalist content suggested by the  architectural precision of line and form.  A geometric black block which characterizes this body of work is immersed into an elaborate arena of color and line.  The minimalism of the solid block, combined with a surrounding abstract layering of pigment, line, and texture, creates an illusion of depth.  This effect is accentuated by his dramatic use of color which oscillates between lights and darks and results in a luminous quality.  Blurring the boundaries between foreground and background, the artist’s manipulation of surface draws the viewer towards the energetic, yet introspective nature of his work.