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ACCESS | Jessica Maria Hopkins: Equinox -  - Exhibitions - CONNERSMITH.

Jessica Maria Hopkins with Bertie Conner-Smith, 2019

JESSICA MARIA HOPKINS is figurative painter whose artistic training at Howard University aligns her with the painting traditions of Alma Thomas and the AfriCOBRA movement. 


In her most recent painting series Hopkins expresses personal relationships with her five brothers and three sisters. A common thread of nine horizontal stripes signifies the siblings’ connections to one another. Each figure produces a different emotional dialogue through color, texture, and pattern, communicating loss and transformation through distortion, dripping and fading of color. The tenth and final painting in the series figures the completion of this process.



 “My current body of work, Equinox, explores my life after the first day of spring. For me the significance of March 20, 2019 is colored by the passing of my brother on that night. The equinox occurs two times in a year as the sun crosses the equator when day and night are equal lengths. In life something happens to us twice; we are born and we die.”